Monday, December 12, 2011

Destination Inspiration: Christmas in Bedford Falls

Inspired by last year's trip to Whoville, I decided to use another Christmas movie as the basis for a board this holiday season. This time around we're visiting quaint Bedford Falls, the setting of the classic It's a Wonderful Life.

You can aim for 1940s elegance, try to capture that sweet small town charm, or mix in some elements from the movie like bells, angels, and lassoing the moon.

And I'll leave you with a favorite quote from the film, which doesn't necessarily correlate to today's inspiration but could inspire a cute housewarming gift:

Bread...that this house may never know hunger.
Salt...that life may always have flavor.

And wine...that joy and prosperity may reign forever.


  1. Oh my goodness - It's a Wonderful Life is my fiance's favorite movie of all time! :) Love this!

  2. Ok I have never seen Its a Wonderful Life, but this winter i plan on watching classics. So it will be on my list along with Breakfast at Tiffanys. The little angels are adorable.


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