Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Destination Inspiration: Christmas in Whoville

Until now, we've taken ideas for our wedding boards from destinations all around the globe. Santorini, Nashville, Bali, Napa, and our alma mater Penn State are the locations we've visited most recently. Now we wanted to do a board that represented the spirit of the holiday season, and no "real life" destination seemed to measure up to the animated spot that kept popping up in our heads: Dr. Seuss' wonderfully whimsical world of Whoville. More specifically, the Whoville we all love to watch in the Christmas cartoon every year. Below are some ideas to throw together a very Seussian winter wedding, and we think the Grinch would approve...even enough to have his heart grow three sizes, maybe? We looked to punchy colors, sweet treats and knits you can wear, hold, and decorate with to create a wedding style fit for a Who. Fahoo fores!

clockwise from bottom left: mittened couple; rainbow sorbet; flower girl; rings; sock garland; knitted flowers; cotton knit wrap; button bouquet; pink hair; cupcake tree; macaoons; bundled up bride; Who cake topper.


  1. This is so much fun! I especially love that crazy bouquet up at the top ;-)

  2. Thanks Sarah - it was alot of fun to put together, too!

  3. the mittens make it! so cute. and the cake. ok. the whole thing. i want my wedding in whoville.

  4. Lauren - if you get married in Whoville, you have two planners here to help...


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