Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're Fans: Maggpie Vintage Rentals

We've been quietly following Maggpie Vintage Rentals for several months now, and are so excited to be bringing Maggpie's story (and its amazing rental pieces) to our TWB audience. With the vintage theme being a much sought after aesthetic for many brides, having a resource like Maggpie in the Pennsylvania area could prove to be invaluable. Maggie and Jason, the combined driving force behind Maggpie, have spent hours adding to their collection - which includes china, furniture, glassware, and so many interesting odds and ends - and can bring all of this to you for your well-crafted vintage wedding or event.

How Maggpie got its start:
"Wow it's funny to think about where this all started because it's been such a process and we've taken so many roads to get here, unintentionally. I've run an event and wedding decorating business for 3 years now and in my line of work, especially being so new in business, I would take any and every job I could get my hands on. Finally last season I encountered a few situations that squeezed the life out of me and I began to question my career choice and found myself not enjoying it as much as I used to or wanted to. Once I finished my last wedding of the season I took a very far step back from my business and just took a long mental break. My fiance, Jason, and I began spending the fall and winter months antiquing & thrifting like crazy (even my parents joined in on the fun). It's been a hobby of Jason's since he can remember and he introduced it to me when we started dating (5 years ago). I always found things I liked but at times i thought to myself "what am I going to do with that?" or "where am I going to put that?" But I finally decided to buy a few pieces that I loved. After making a mini tablescape with my findings Jason commented on how it seemed I really enjoyed working with my findings and how nice it looked. Well this is where we made the decision to begin thrifting for our wedding. I would say once we bought our 6th chair and second set of china it didn't take long for us to step back and think, "Why can't we just decorate all weddings like this?" Of course I began brainstorming and searching for pictures and people who would be interested and that's when I stumbled upon Ribbons and Rust Vintage Rentals and then Found. Jason and I haven't looked back since."

How Maggpie operates:
It didn't take long for us to get a rhythm down and figure out where and how to find things. We hit a lot of the expected places; antique malls, thrift stores, estate sales, used furniture stores and auctions. We've always stumbled upon places by just exploring and driving back roads (getting lost a little). There was the time we stumbled upon an old barn, meeting the women who owned it and her letting us pull 23 chairs out. Of course this won't happen all the time but it happens and it's one of the many things to add to our long list of reasons why we love doing this. We've met some amazing people along the way. "

What Maggpie has:
"Our inventory is made up of china, furniture, chairs, small and large details. We have over 1,000 pieces of china at the moment, ranging from dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, bowls, platters, cups and saucers. The china is meant to be mixed and matched but there are ways of doing it in a cohesive manner if preferred. Our furniture consists of small and large tables, upholstered chairs and couches, benches and pews. We love chairs and certainly have a nice array of them - we're at about 175 at this point, from chipped paint, decorative backs, cushioned seats and colors! Our accessories are such a wide range. We buy candlesticks, all types of glass, silver, gold, milk glass and decorative bowls and vessels (things that would be great for flowers, candy dishes, center pieces, etc. The "out of the box" pieces that when you show people they're reaction is "Ooo I would of never thought of using that!"). We collect milk crates, egg baskets, suitcases, doors and ladders. I can't say there is a specific rhyme or reason that we look for but we definitely buy around our aesthetic which seems to be working great. I feel that if you took our entire lot of inventory and decorated an event with it, everything would work really well together. We don't only drop off and pick up rentals either. We also offer styling/decorating along with any customization that might be needed such as pillows for couches or cushions for chairs that go with the overall look of the wedding. We like to add little details to certain pieces to make each event personal."

Where Maggpie goes: "We are based out of Northeast Pennsylvania but we travel throughout PA and surrounding states. All the way up to Massachusetts is not out our range. Lets just say we don't mind the's all part of the fun and who knows what we'll find along the way."

If you'd like to see more of what Maggpie has to offer, please go check out the galleries on their recently rolled out website. Thanks Maggie and Jason for sharing Maggpie's story with us!

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  1. Omg! this is fabulous ~ what a cool rental company. I love the vintagey goodness of the goods they rent! Awesome find!


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