Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Web Belles: Got Milk?

1. Thank you, Conversation Pieces, for introducing us to these rainbow-hued ceramic milk carton and milk bottle creations from Hanne Rysgaard. Picture it with us now: a morning wedding or a breakfast bridal shower with these colorful vessels sprinkled around. You could use them to hold flowers, utensils, or table numbers.

2. Sure, we've featured Cut the Cake Designs and its guest book boxes on the blog before, but we felt this new design warranted another mention. The "Perfect Together Like Milk & Cookies" theme is great for the bride and groom who just can't pass up a good choco chip treat. And did you see those smiling illustrations? So cute. Be sure to check out Cut the Cake's Etsy shop for even more designs.

3. The creaminess of milk glass vases looks great set against fiery colors or as a complement to white blooms.

4. We found this now out-of-stock milk bottle chandelier
from Pottery Barn, and thought: this would make for an ambitious but awesome DIY project. Many Etsy sellers, like LoveDoveTrading, have bottles available to get you and your materials list heading in the right direction.

5. We wouldn't mind if every wedding we went to had milkshake shooters. Or full-sized milkshakes. Or a make-your-own milkshake bar. We're not picky.


  1. Love these ideas! Swooning over those milk glass vases- so pretty with reds!


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