Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eyes on the Bride: Sarah E.

Last week we were lucky enough to have Sarah stop by and share her ideas on personalizing your wedding decor. Since Sarah is in the middle of planning her own wedding right now, we invited her back to TWB to give us a preview of her upcoming September nuptials.

Bride's Name, Age, Occupation -- Sarah Ellis, 23, Content Writer, Fashion Blogger and Social Media Specialist

Groom's Name, Age, Occupation -- Michael Thaman, 23, Graphic Designer

City of Residence -- Indianapolis, IN

Wedding Location -- Indianapolis, IN

How you met -- We met in college at Western Kentucky University. We shared a web design class together a year or so before we started dating. I remember seeing him walk through the door of the class and texting my roommates, "Yes! Hot guy in my class!" We actually never spoke in the class - we sat on opposite sides of the room and were each shy about talking. Luckily mutual friends brought us together awhile later. We hung out at the end of one semester a few times but talked all summer long. Once the school year started back up we "officially" began dating.
How long you've dated -- About two and a half years before we got engaged.

How he proposed -- I had a cabin trip planned with my best friends the weekend before Christmas. He had been planning for awhile and already had the ring and asked for my parents blessing so he would be ready to go that weekend. The weather and other mishaps threatened our trip, but we finally made it to the cabin. It wasn't even the cabin we had originally rented because ice blocked the way to that one! I was nervous and trying not to freaking out because I thought we wouldn't make it safely. Of course I had no idea I was about to get engaged, I was just worried about the plans with my friends getting spoiled! Luckily everyone made it there safely. We were getting ready to unload our gear from the car when I turned around and saw him on one knee in the beautiful snow covered mountains. It couldn't have been more gorgeous! Of course we hugged and kissed and I said yes. My friends had hurried inside so they wouldn't be there during the proposal and when we went in they had cake and champagne waiting for us. It was perfect!

Wedding colors/theme -- I wanted to play on an "English Garden" theme so we're using peaches, creams, pinks, and greens as our color palette. I wanted everything to feel slightly vintage but also fresh and casual while keeping it very elegant. I'm thrilled that all my vendors totally get my vision and all have great suggestions.

Bridesmaids' dresses info -- I wanted something simple but elegant, and hopefully, that my bridesmaids would love. I found gorgeous peach chiffon dresses. They've got a sweetheart neckline, empire waist, and are knee length. They play with that effortless but beautiful look that matches the look and feel of the wedding perfectly! Plus, unless they're just being SUPER nice, they all love them!

Best part of planning -- I've been looking forward to planning my wedding for as long as I can remember, so it's impossible to choose the best part. It's all great! I'm really enjoying seeing everything come together. I get excited every time I come up with another little detail, which is almost daily :-)

Worst part of planning -- That it will be over soon! Our engagement is flying by and I'll never have another wedding to plan. I keep asking if I can plan 5 different weddings with 5 different themes. Geez, if only money weren't such an issue...

Most surprising part of planning -- That I haven't run into any major roadblocks. I've been so very lucky with everything so far, and I know things will get challenging but so far it has been much breezier than I expected. I've heard horror stories!

Favorite vendor so far -- Probably my florist, Posh Petals. They totally got my vision and have been amazingly flexible with my budget. I walked in and explained it in a few sentences and they just hit it right on the money with every suggestion. To be honest, I wasn't that excited about the flowers, but after spending some time with them I know it will really tie everything together. I also LOVE my photographer, Lang Thomas. We haven't even taken our engagement photos yet but I check up on his blog and photo updates all the time. That was the very first thing that I booked because photos were so important for me. Both Michael and I agreed that it was the one big "take away" from the wedding and we wanted to preserve those special moments the best way we could. He captures these breathtaking moments in the most natural and effortless way. We can't wait to see them!

Places you registered -- Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond

Any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) plans -- We're doing several decorations ourselves. We're putting together a candy bar, making candles, gathering old items like a vintage typewriter, jars, books, and other goodies for decor. And, since my fabulous fiance is a graphic designer, he'll be designing our invites, rsvp cards, programs, directions, and other fun decor items. It will be totally personal and extra special!
Honeymoon Location -- Whitehouse, Jamaica- we can't wait for that.

Thanks again, Sarah, for sharing a few details of the day you're planning. We can't wait to see photos of you and Michael on your big day!

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