Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Web Belles: Bedtime Stories

1. We found so many great pillows on Etsy that would make great wedding/anniversary gifts. A few of our favorites are below. Top: To Have and To Hold; middle: Truly,Madly,Deeply; bottom: Love Letters.

2. Feathers and pillows and cute engagement photos...oh my. We are loving this e-session from McGowan Images. How about you?

3. Thanks to Recycled Bride for introducing us to Making It More, the company that re-purposes your wedding dress into fancy pillows and bedding. They can even whip up some baby bedding from your bridal wear, too.

4. Six IKEA sheets can be transformed into 130 napkins and 130 jam jar covers? Swedish meatballs and funky table linens, too? Is there anything that this store can't provide?

5. We spotted these Moroccan wedding blankets from Table Tonic on The Pink and Blue Blog a few weeks ago, and we wanted to run out and scoop them all up. Forget your standard thread count bedding if you're looking to fill up those registries anytime soon...this is where it's at.


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  2. I love the To Have and to Hold Pillows. Awesome!


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