Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Web Belles: Game Set MATCH

1. Simple fonts. A lineup of jars. Strike anywhere matches as tongue-in-cheek favors. Yup, we like all of the above.

2. This cake banner, which uses matches to anchor into the cake, just further proves that you can turn to household items in a pinch during your next crafting session. And yes, the cake in the photo is made of snow. If you look closely, you can see the packed snowflakes glistening in the light. Trippy, huh?

3. This DIY s'mores kit has everything you need tucked inside - not only the food, but a candle and matches, too. And the kit itself is constructed from a large matchbox, which can be personalized with paper, ribbon, and stamps.

4. This next DIY was originally used as a way to deliver Valentine's Day candies to school. But we think you can use the same idea to make customized favors for your wedding guests. We really love the coordinating colors and patterns used to tie all the tiny matchboxes together, don't you?

5. These bright
invitations feature a matchbook insert. The little book pops out and is filled with all of the event's information. And can we just take a moment to talk about those letterpress designs? Insanely intricate.


  1. Thank you for featuring my snow cake! What a great roundup of projects!


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