Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spotted: Kaptur

Has anyone out in the TWB world checked out Kaptur yet? If not, here's the lowdown.

All you need to do is sign into the site with your Facebook log in information. Then you can set up different events, like a party or wedding, and Kaptur will grab all of your friends' photos and videos from those events and organize them all into an album for you to view, sort, and organize.

Kind of cool, right? You don't have to go searching through each friend's Facebook album or sift through Flickr, Youtube, or Vimeo anymore. All the photos and videos are right there for you because Kaptur does all the work.

I actually already have my wedding ready to go on Kaptur, waiting for my friends to upload their pics from the weekend. So
when I get back from my honeymoon and want to see all of their fancy camera work, I'll have everything posted in chronological order right in front of me.

We just started playing around with Kaptur last week, so we'd love to hear feedback from anyone who has already been using it for a while.

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