Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We're Fans: ShopStyle

Ask us how much time we spend online shopping, and you'll probably see our heads simultaneously explode as we attempt to do the calculations. Sure, making an online purchase takes practically no time at all; it's a few clicks here and a credit card number there. But finding the latest fashionable must-have to add to your closet - now that takes some serious time commitment. Usually.

We've found that ShopStyle is a great time-saving site to visit when you are dialed in to finding a specific item. Say you're craving a new pair of purple pumps, for example. ShopStyle takes your requested search terms, scours the web in a matter of seconds, and plunks hundreds of results in one window for you to quickly scroll through. If you find something you like, you're directed to that store's site in order to make the purchase. It's like virtually walking through hundreds of aisles and racks - without ever having to get out of your sweats.

What are some your favorite online shopping sites?

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