Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wedding Movies We Love: Father of the Bride

We've already seen it more times than we can count, but you can bet if we catch George or Annie Banks on the screen while channel surfing, we're glued to the couch for the next few hours.  Film snobs might turn their noses up at this remake, but we were tweens when the 1991 version was released, so it's our original.

When Annie, a 22 year-old architecture student returns from a semester in Rome as a bride-to-be, mom Nina is thrilled, and dad George is shocked.  Hilarity ensues as plans for an elaborate backyard wedding are developed, with plenty of chuckle-worthy scenes featuring the flamboyant wedding planners Franck and Howard.  The pressure of mounting costs, merging families, and losing a daughter culminate in George's supermarket meltdown over the "superfluous buns" hot dog packaging conspiracy and a tear-jerker round of driveway hoops.  Oh, and a wedding.

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