Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Web Belles: Ice Ice Baby

1. This rose petal ice cube DIY seems to be a favorite across the web, and with its simplicity and visual impact, we can see why. Plus, having flowers in your ice is just a cool little addition to cocktail hour. Of course, edible, chemical-free blooms are a must here if you want to plunk the flowery cubes directly into a drink. Probably an obvious point, but we still wanted to mention.

2. The cakes below are icy and snowy, and still sure to be tasty when you dig in to eat. The first, from one of our faves, Pink Cake Box, is sleek with its pale blue and silver tones. The second uses frosting for its snow covered trees and icicle motif – and we always say the more frosting, the better.

3. This couples’ skate turned engagement session from Stephanie Williams is adorably charming. Doesn’t the bride-to-be look so casual and stunning at the same time? Makes us kind of want to lace up a pair of skates and see what moves we still have left from our middle school days.

4. Icicle shaped drink stirrers? We’re game to grab hold of one and swirl away.

5. No need to worry about keeping a fresh veggie display cold when you have smooth blocks of ice on hand to act as serving platters. We love how the glass-like ice carvings magnify the colors of the veggie arrangement, too.

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