Friday, December 24, 2010

Two Web Belles: And The Stockings Were Hung...

1. We've seen a few variations of sock wreaths before, but this one from Blue Cricket Design seemed to be the quickest and easiest to construct. No floral pins required here - just cut a slit in your wreath and the bottoms off your socks, and you're pretty much done. Even the kiddies could help out with this one.

2. This mini stocking napkin ring puts an extra flourish on your dinner plate with an added dose of herbs spilling out of the tops. We thought you could scale these back a bit by simply bundling each place setting's flatware inside the stocking for a lively mealtime "stocking stuffer."

3. Has anyone out in Blogland given
Pedisavers a try? These toe-less socks might look a little funny at the spa, but so do those foam flip flops they give you, so we won't ding them in the looks department. The fact that you could throw these on and keep your tootsies warm during a winter polish is the most appealing aspect to us.

4. The guys can get in on some crazy sock action, if they want. Just look at some of the styles brave men have rocked below. Source: top, middle, bottom.

5. Can someone get these mini stocking pans, bake up some cutely decorated treats with them, and then send them over to TWB headquarters? You'd definitely be our #1 favorite reader...promise.

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