Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I've Learned While Planning: 5 Months To Go

Yup, you can count with just one hand now. With only five months to go, here's what I've picked up in the last month or so.

1. Reviewing invitation proofs late on a Friday night on a whim is just not a good idea.

2. I thought I was serious about spreadsheets, but then planning for the India shopping trip commenced. And then I saw the spreadsheet big guns come out.

3. Tailors will refuse to measure you for a garment they aren't making...if you're trying to obtain said measurements in Stamford, CT. My sister/MOH and one bridesmaid got flat out rejected a few times.

4. If you look at enough grey suits, they all start to remind you of Pee Wee Herman at some point.

5. A 6x9 envelope doesn't just sound comically big...it is comically big.

6. I'm starting to loathe hearing nothing more than when, in response to when I should schedule our remaining appointments, I hear the words "after the Super Bowl."

7. If you need to buy more than 10 of the same item from Banana Republic, you have to be ready to go through the line more than once. (And doing so during the holiday season is a real commitment to your purchase.)

Almost through the holidays now, and after that May seems like it'll be here in a second. Should be a busy winter/beginning of spring, with lots more to discuss as we charge forward.

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