Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're Fans: The Demoiselle

Magalie is the woman behind The Demoiselle, a site dedicated to showcasing the best in accessories. Clutches, heels, jewelry, belts, veils - The Demoiselle throws them all into the mix for a nonstop parade of pretty. The truly fascinating thing about the site is that while it maintains a focus on a specific type of item, it still keeps you coming back for more. There are "real wedding" photo submissions and vendor spotlights along with Magalie's personal picks sprinkled in, too.

I even found my bridesmaids' gifts after seeing a certain item featured in a post not too long ago. And, as many of my bridesmaids will read this, I'm sure they'll start scouring the archives to see if they can hunt down what I picked out for them almost immediately....ha.

Below are items featured recently on The Demoiselle, but it's really just a small taste of what the site has to offer. Be sure to head over to see what it's all about for yourself.


  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout & lovely post. So glad to hear brides are finding it a good resource for accessories, gifts & inspo. There will be more pretty to come, I promise! ;)


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