Friday, September 24, 2010

Two Web Belles: Handcrafted

1. Reason #537 to get (and actually learn how to use) a sewing machine: ruffled rainbow streamers. Thanks to My Paper Crane for giving super easy instructions to whip these up. This takes an everyday item and kicks it up a notch just by putting in a little craftiness, which is exactly the kind of project we love.

2. We suppose we were inspired by the above photo when we searched out our next item: wedding pinatas. Yup, some people go there. There's certainly enough time at the reception to fit this in if you so choose. Busting out a huge stick and swinging it around at a wedding isn't for everyone, but we thought it was a unique idea. And you could fill the inside with more than just candy. Baubles coordinating with your day's theme or location, or even favors, would certainly create a great photo op when they spill out onto the floor.

source: left, top, bottom

3. How cute are these shot-sized appetizer servings of tomato soup from The Dinner Belle Catering? (love the name by the way!) Soup is a fall crowd pleaser, and this soup gets bonus points for its cool, retro-inspired styling. Don’t even get us started with the edible parmesan crisp spoons.

4. It's been a while since we saw handwritten wedding paper goods that made our hearts go pitter patter. That is, is until we saw this cobalt blue number over at With This Ring (via Project Wedding). The look is handcrafted and charming, and what's not to like about that?

5. It's no secret we have a thing for cupcakes. Well, now we have a thing for these DIY cupcake holders. The easy peasy template is provided over at Austin Wedding Blog. We can get on board with a project that only requires pretty cardstock, tape, scissors, and a pencil.

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