Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I've Learned While Planning: 8 Months To Go

Eight months 'til "I Do," and the milestone I had set for this one has been hit: save-the-dates have been sent. Success! Below are thoughts on the std's, and other tidbits of knowledge I've gained in the last month of wedding planning wonderment.

1. The terms 'place setting' and 'stand mixer' are not part of a guy's vocabulary. This I should've already known.

2. The post office only offers one postcard-priced stamp, and it has a polar bear on it. Shocked that ol' reliable USPS doesn't offer more variety here and even more shocked that I somehow missed the message boards where brides are GOING OFF about this. Don't mess with a bride and her postage. Yikes.

3. I'm oddly comforted by the fact that at-home printers are still just as temperamental now as they were when I used to rely on them back in high school.

4. It looks like I will end up changing my mind on bridesmaids' gifts at least 20 times before I finally settle on something. I'm a very decisive person, but there are just too many cute options out there.

5. Those scanning guns that stores give you when you set up your registry are way heavier than they look. I should've done extensive weight training in order to prepare.

6. It's difficult to determine the right amount to pay for the services of a horse. Absolutely no previous knowledge on this one. (Note: we are having a traditional Indian groom's entrance to kick off the wedding, so yes, I am currently horse hunting).

7. The easiest way to get melted wax/candle remnants out of glass holders is to pop those bad boys in the freezer for a few minutes. The cold makes them come right out without much effort at all. Big thanks to my fellow Belle for sharing this tip before I wasted hours of my life on this task.

8. My idle save the date-addressing mind tends to fill with thoughts of Seinfeld. Sure, I'm not licking the stamps (thank goodness) and the same goes for envelopes, but I still think of Susan and the fate that cheap envelope adhesive brings her. If you're not familiar with anything I'm talking about...well then you just don't watch enough Seinfeld.

9. Our 'do not play' list is definitely longer than our 'must play' list. Gotta work on this one.

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