Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Movies We Love: The Wedding Planner

Of course we had to devote our first installment of this, our personal archive of wedding movies we love, to the movie that highlights everything it takes to plan weddings successfully. Here you have J.Lo in her tightly slicked back bun and headset (at every wedding, we discuss at least once how we need TWB headsets) sacrificing her personal love life for the happiness of her brides as planner extroardinaire Mary. That is, of course, until Matty McConaughey enters the scene (and even kind of makes you forget about those damn bongos) as lovable pediatrician Steve, and classic rom-com hijinx ensues. Some really nice shots of California set up a few of the cutest scenes in the movie, like the nighttime movies in the park. I mean, who doesn't love outdoor movies in parks...? Another bonus of this movie? A pre-Grey's Anatomy Justin Chambers with arguably one of the worst Italian accents ever recorded on film as Massimo, the fervent pursuer of Mary. Yes, this is why we love The Wedding Planner.

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