Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Web Belles: A Little Bit of Everything This Week

1. Is the summer heat getting your guest entertaining mood beat? Well pop over to this Home Improvement blog to get the recipe for these mojito pops. Yes, raise your popsicle sticks and cheers to these frozen cocktail treats at your next get together.

2. The good folks at Alex's Lemonade Stand are throwing another Wedding For Alex at the Omni Hotel in Philly. Here are the deets. Bidding is open on eBay until June 21st for a wedding to be held on August 20, 2011. The winning bidder scores a complete wedding package at the hotel with lots of goodies from some of the area's top vendors, including an all-inclusive Mexican honeymoon. Besides that, they'll also get the satisfaction of giving all that hard earned wedding money directly to the charity, which has been supporting childhood cancer research, improving cancer patient care, and supporting the families of children with cancer since 2005. Best of luck to all who choose to bid!

3. Loving these decor elements using book pages! Perfect for the couple that loves to read, or maybe a duo of teachers/professers/academics. No DIY instructions included but it definitely looks do-able with a little trial and error. Featured on 100 Layer Cake and shot by Hugh Forte.

4. Okay this might blur the lines of "wedding" inspiration on the web but this tie sporting pug was too cute to pass up!! And the tie would be the perfect touch for a canine ring bearer, right? April Ziegler, based in Philly, captures adorable pet imagery but she has a real knack for weddings too. Just to top it off, her latest blog post opened up with lyrics from the song Adam Sandler sings in the Wedding Singer, you know the song, on the plane, at the end?

5. We caught a chat this week on the Washington Post site with the authors of "Last One Down the Aisle Wins: 10 Keys to a Fabulous Single Life Now and an Even Better Marriage Later", by Shannon Fox and Celeste Liversidge. These ladies contend that women should spend their 20's single and use the time to develop career security and a better sense of self. We agree that everyone (male or female) needs to be their own person before they can be a valuable part of a couple, but as a 27-year old newlywed, and a 26-year old bride-to-be, we don't necessarily agree with their timeline. It's more about having your ish together than hitting your 30th birthday. What do you guys think? What do you consider the perfect age to get married?

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