Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Web Belles: Pretty Wed Things

1.  We read a lot of wedding blogs.  A lot.  So, yeah, we've seen a photo save the date before, similar to the one below.  This one stands out to us because of the handcrafted frame details and the coordinated but not too matchy-matchy outfits of the couple.  We're suckers for coordination.   So kudos to Katelyn over at Inspired Design.  This was our first time checking out your blog but it won't be the last!

2. Web Belles has been a little heavy handed on the cocktail features lately, but in summertime, that's just how we roll. These pina colada shots featured on Wedded Bits look so light and fruity - perfect on a tray at an outdoor cocktail hour. Bonus if you use a frosted shot glass.

3. We like grown-straight-from-the-earth flowers, don't get us wrong. But we always like it when we find someone who offers up a different, creative take on florals. Enter Etsy's Paper Platypus. The shop turns out paper flowers that look almost exactly like the real thing, in colors that run from one end of the spectrum to the other. We'd love to see selected buds strung together to create a photo backdrop at the reception, or scattered around the cake to fill out a sometimes sparse table. And there isn't any wilting or drooping to worry about with these, either. What you see is what you're gonna get: quality crafted flowers.

4. Everywhere we're looking lately, we're seeing more and more weddings where brides are foregoing the old tradition of having their bridesmaids wear matching head to toe outfits. We like that the 'maids are getting to express some of their own personal style because hey, they're in those pictures (like the one below from Once Wed) forever, too. In fact, we like this style for the bridal party so much that maybe, just maybe, there will be a Belle and her 'maids-to-be doing the same sort of thing in the near future. You like that blog foreshadowing, now don't you? Look for more on it later!

5.  We saw these cute gift tags over at Eat Drink Chic, but it's easy to imagine the customizable tags tweaked just a little to make a floral escort card or a favor tag attached to a yummy treat.  The floral pattern in blue, pink, or yellow is perfect for the popular vintage garden vibe we've been seeing so much this summer.

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