Friday, April 16, 2010

Two Web Belles: We're Web-a-licious

1. The world of weddings has it's own set of rules, and who better to guide you and your affianced through the murky waters than the quintessential etiquette maven, Emily Post. Emily Post's Wedding Guide is nothing new (it's in it's 5th edition), but it is THE guide to all of your wedding quandaries. In this contemporary edition, Emily's great granddaughter Anna dives into topics such as second-time brides, shower hosts, and the hotly debated "money dance." This book is a must have for any bride-to-be and makes a fantastic engagement present.

2. Ducked into Paper On Pine the other day because a chalk sign on the sidewalk said they had birthday cards and hey, we needed a birthday card. We were pleased with not only their selection of cards but also their stationary, announcement, and invitation offerings. Everything in the shop is bright and has a undeniable sense of style about it, just like the Philly neighborhood in which it stands. Definitely worth checking out if you're ever in the area!

3. These wedding photos posted on Poptastic Bride caught our eye, and with all the interesting elements - Indian saris, Scottish kilts, vivid urban backdrops - how could they not? It was also cool to see The FUEL House, a popular Philly reception venue, be used for the ceremony location, too.

4. Yesterday Shutterfly launched their re-tooled wedding site, which boasts 250 new styles of invitations, announcements, and save the dates. The site has really stepped up their wedding game, offering up added features like planning checklists, to-do lists, and even photo taking tips for the honeymoon.

5. Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Beyond a flattering hairstyle and perfectly applied makeup, a solid fitness regime in the months leading up to the wedding can do wonders for your appearance, your health, and your sanity. During this busy time, Women's Health's "The Bridal Workout" is a no frills workout that works wonders - perfect for the bride on a budget who can't cough up the cash or the time commitment for a personal trainer. The 52 minute DVD is broken up into segments by body part. Even if you only have half an hour, you can squeeze in a warm up (4 minutes), power cardio (11 minutes), lower body (11 minutes), and cool-down (3), or some other configuration of the DVD's workout segments. The DVD is geared to a beginner fitness level, so the moves are dead simple to master, but if you've been hitting the gym religiously, this DVD may not be challenging enough for you. We give it two belles up for a simple, easy to stick to program that will have even the most reluctant of exercisers sweating it out to look hot in that white gown!

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