Friday, December 4, 2009

Two Web Belles

1. If you aren't familiar with all that Swoozie's has to offer, now's the time to step inside their wonderful world of invitations, cards, and party odds and ends. Their selection of personalized gifts (which would make great bridal party offerings) are especially worth a look.

2. With talks of the first snowfall of the season in the northeast going on, how great does a beach wedding sound right about now? The details will differ depending on your specific location, number of guests, and just how "beachy" you want your wedding to get, but the sand and the water would certainly be fun, unforgettable elements to have.

3. You buy THE dress, you wear THE dress, you take pictures in THE dress, and you then pack THE dress away in the back of your closet because, well, you just don't have another occasion coming up where the dress code is "bridal." To free up some closet space, you could turn to, which connects sellers and buyers of wedding dresses.

4. We can never get enough of color inspirations. It really is funny how you can find the ideas for color schemes in everyday scenes and situations. For instance, have you noticed how purple is everywhere all of a sudden?

5. Maybe you're used to showing up at every party in town, but when it comes to throwing your own, you're not sure how to begin. Check out Hostess with the Mostess, a valuable resource when hosting any party, wedding related or not

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