Friday, December 11, 2009

Back With Two Web Belles

1. We're loving the aqua and red color combination right now. You can really spin it to make it work for winter (icy blue), but if you veer towards a more Mediterranean style, it starts to feel more warm and summery, don't you think?

2. You know the little paper liners that you unwrap before you dig into a delicious cupcake? Well here are instructions on how to use these to create a decorative garland. Totally unique idea, and one that isn't overwhelming for the craft-shy.

3. This holiday bridal shower inspiration board on The Party Dress touches upon what we discussed a few weeks back: using holiday items in a way that doesn't hit you over the head with Deck The Halls spirit. Using a non-traditional holiday color (here, pink is highlighted) in ornaments and wreaths is a fantastic way to evoke the sentiment of the season while still keeping things elegant. Bonus points for anyone who incorporates a whoopie pie like they did here!

4. It doesn't take alot to create a cohesive feel to your reception. Here, a simple stamped sign is repeated at several locations (escort table, guest book table, etc.) and calligraphy is used to set each sign apart for variety. A little touch that goes a long way.

5. We really wish the site for Lovely Lollies had more content because it promises to deliver, among other things, red velvet cupcake lollipops. Red...velvet...cupcake...lollipops. Our new favorite phrase.

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