Friday, December 18, 2009

More From Two Web Belles

1. You want to integrate color into your day, but the limitless shades and hues are starting to make you see spots. Why not give the color wheel a spin at to see what combinations work for you, and which ones are just plain wrong.

2. Admittedly this engagement shoot wouldn't be for everyone, but it IS an attention grabber. Aren't the messy ones always the ones that stand out???

3. Whenever you bundle small elements into a large group, you effortlessly create a style statement. Here, a gaggle of clear bottles used as candlestick holders instantly conveys so much more than any of the individual pieces would by themselves. Wouldn't this look great with colored wine bottles, maybe even leaving the labels on? Or you could switch up the colors of the candles as another way to move this away from the monochromatic of the clear and the white. So many ways to play with this one.

4. Oh, sweet relief. Miss Manners is here to rescue us from all things undignified with her "Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding."

5. Feeling DIY-overload? Breathe, and start small. Besides, does the legwork for you. Use their wide range of font selection to whip up custom invites, save-the-dates, programs, or day-of signage. The possibilities are really endless. Did we mention it's FREE? Check out the dingbats category for clip art that blows Word out of the water. If you're looking for funky (green pillow), formal (chopin script), or sweet (peach sundress), you will find it here.

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