Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Web Belles: Sweet Treats

1. Little chocolate treats (called "brigadeiros") look about two bites away from being devoured and gone. The Curvy Carrot showcases them in bright mini cupcake liners, which of course color coordinates with the rainbow sprinkles in which they're encrusted.

2. This sculpted cake puts all of my strawberry shortcakes to shame. If only I had those kind of skills...

3. A couple getting married in a contemporary art museum took the opportunity to turn their cupcakes into a modern display completely fitting with their venue.

4. I'm not a fan of jello. The way it jiggles...just not for me. But these layered rainbow concoctions from Glorious Treats are just so pretty that I might be tempted to try a scoop. One. Scoop.

5. First, you have cookies on sticks, and we all know that everything is better on a stick. Then, there are mini shooters of milk in sprinkle-rimmed glasses. This is a sophisticated milk and cookie from Family Bites we're talking about here.


  1. nom nom nom {damn this diet}....Swimsuit dreams right here, but I love treats!!

  2. Cute! Those cookies on a stick are so adorable!

  3. These all look great! The rainbow jello is pretty cool.

  4. cute ideas , thanks for your sharing !


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