Monday, March 5, 2012

Spotted: A Snapshots by Katie Proposal

I hope you're all ready for today's proposal story, because it's a good one. Katie from Snapshots by Katie was nice enough to send this over to TWB, making today the first time we've featured a proposal on the blog. A proposal is such an emotional moment that it makes it hard to remember all of the little moments and details...unless you have a photog shooting away for you, of course.

I'll turn it over to Katie now, so she can fill us in on how this proposal went down. Take it away, Katie!

This was one of the coldest days of the season, yet my heart melted when I was asked out of the blue to capture the moment! All I could think was “THANK YOU, I knew there was a reason I was standing in the freezing cold in Pentagon City”! Sure I was there to support my husband running the 5k but I was desperately trying to capture a cool moment and boy did I! But before I get into it let me give you a little background on the couple, courtesy of their friend Jen!

Demetria is a Richmond, VA native and moved to Arlington after graduating from UVA to finish her Physician’s Assistant school at GWU. Matt is from Massachusetts but finished high school in Woodbridge, VA and studied undergrad at JMU. They met when Demetria was on her ER rotation at the Fair Oaks Hospital where Matt also worked and was her preceptor. They started dating after she finished the rotation and the rest is history.

Funny story (from Matt)… “I had to write her Evaluation for her ER rotation and the Dean of her school read it to the entire faculty because she was so impressed with the things her preceptor (which was me) had to say about her. While she was an awesome student, and deserved all of her high marks… I obviously thought she was smoking hot, so I definitely made sure I gave her good marks. Guess it turned out to be a pretty smart move by me!!”

Ok, how could you not fall in love with this couple now knowing their story?? Ok so now on to the events of the day…

As Demetria and Matt finished the Valentine’s Day 5k ‘Love the Run You’re With’, they were greeted so warmly by friends and family. Matt seemed so calm but Demetria was a bit more perplexed. Family and friends held poster boards reflecting moments of times passed and references made to their future together. I think Demetria was truly overwhelmed with everyone’s presence as she seemed unphased by the wedding advertisements until Matt knelt down on one knee… ‘Click’ and the proposal unfolds.

So some of the photos are of family on the look out for Demetria and Matt to finish the race and then the rest are of how the proposal unfolded.


  1. I just cried like a baby! lol What an amazing story and special couple! The proposal is unique and I love how friends and family were included! Such an awesome post! :)

  2. what a great post/story/pictures - and can i just say that Demetria looks absolutely beautiful - especially after having just come from a RUN. I certainly don't look like that post workout :) what an awesome proposal. well done Matt!

  3. this is so adorable. it kinda made me tear that lame?

  4. It may have been cold outside but this definitely had to warm her heart!

  5. So sweet!! Love proposal stories/photos/etc. They're so exciting. :)

  6. Amazing Photography work! Pictures are telling the whole story. Thanks for sharing..


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