Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eyes on the Bride: Michelle T.

I first learned a bit about today's bride-to-be and her wedding plans when we met over a year ago during a day full of tree planting and weed trimming in Fairmount Park. As if there were any doubt before that little green thumbed adventure, there's definitely a reason this is a wedding blog and not a gardening one. (Is there even a chance any of those trees are still standing?) So to get back to weddings now...

Michelle agreed to give us a peek at the details for her and Kevin's upcoming May wedding, so read on to find out just what they have planned.

Bride's Name, Age, Occupation -- Michelle Thurstlic, 31, Attorney

Groom's Name, Age, Occupation --
Kevin O'Neill, 26, Law Student

City of Residence --
Glen Mills, PA

Wedding Location --
The Yellow House of Willowdale (ceremony & reception), Kennett Square, PA

How you met --
Kevin and I initially met during the summer of 2007 while I was working for the Delaware County District Attorney's Office and Kevin was interning for one of the county's criminal judges. At the end of the summer, the judge's staff told me that I was all Kevin would talk about when court was not in session. Kevin says that he had a huge crush on me and tried to talk to me a few times, but that I was all business.

A couple of months after his internship was over, we ended up in the same bar one night in West Chester. Apparently I embarassed him in front of all of his friends by coming right out and saying "I heard you had a crush on me last summer." He got my number that night and we started dating within the month.

How long you've dated --
Together 4 years (engaged for 2)

How he proposed --
Kevin and I had plans to go out and celebrate the end of finals of his first year of law school. When he came to pick me up, however, Kevin presented me with a photo album filled with pictures from our time together. He had written little notes along with each photo saying different things he loves about me. When I got to the last photo, the caption was "will you marry me?" and when I looked up, Kevin was down on one knee with the ring. I was overwhelmed, but of course I said yes. Kevin then suprised me again by telling me that our families and friends were waiting at the bar/restaurant that we had planned to go out to. It was extra special to be able to share our happiness with everyone right away.

Wedding colors/theme --
Navy blue, kelly green, and white

Bridesmaids' dresses info --
J. Crew silk taffeta in Pacific Blue (they're wearing individual styles)

Best part of planning --
Laughing with Kevin over the ridiculousness of it all.

Worst part of planning --
Trying to get everyone on the same page.

Most surprising part of planning --
That Kevin's better at it than I am. Everytime I ask him to take something on, he's gotten it done on the first shot. I've agonized over every vendor and decision.

Favorite vendor so far -- Tie between our venue (The Yellow House of Willowdale--the wedding coordinator is just so great) and photographer (Hoffer Photography).

Places you registered --
Bed, Bath & Beyond and Pottery Barn

Any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) plans --
A lot of the decorations. The ceremony and reception are outdoors underneath a tent, which we're planning to decorate with bistro lights. We're also planning to use chalkboards to display seating arrangements and the menu for the buffet.

Honeymoon Location --
Undecided. Kevin is graduating law school a week before our wedding, and right afterwards will have to jump into intensive studying for the bar exam, which is at the end of July. We're planning to take our honeymoon in the fall, when he's finished, and are weighing France (all over), Argentina, or a road trip up the California coast.

Michelle's color scheme is one of my all-time favorites, and the venue sounds perfect for a May wedding, so I can't wait to see photos of how it all comes together. And those honeymoon options? None of them is a bad choice, right? Thanks again, Michelle, for stopping by TWB. Best of luck with the final months of planning ahead!

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