Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spotted: A Meals and Miles Wedding

When I'd read the news that Meghann of Meals and Miles was engaged*, I reached out to her to find out more about her initial plans for the wedding. As many of you may remember, the days and weeks immediately following the proposal are somewhat of a blur with so many emotions, ideas, and frequent wedding blog searches all mixed together. Because Meghann is looking to have her wedding about 12 months from now, though, she was already beginning the process of nailing down some specifics, and has a distinct theme in mind.

After hearing about the "navy blue rustic snowflake" theme from Meghann, I came up with this inspiration board to share with her...and now with you. White and silver is always a winner when it comes to winter weddings, even if you're in a typically warm climate like Meghann is. Setting these colors off with something darker, like navy, creates a really full color palette to work within. The snowflake is a nice accent because it doesn't necessarily evoke ties to the holidays, just the winter season in general. Both the venue and table decor are big ways to get the rustic vibe across to guests. And I had to throw in some string lights just because Meghann likes them so much...!

sources (clockwise from bottom left): votives, boutonniere, lighted dinner, bouquet, candle, escort cards, place setting, lighted entrance, bouquet, heels, boat shoes, cupcakes, cookie wreath, table setting, balloons, salvaged door.

*Read the full proposal story from Meghann if you get a chance. It's a really sweet one and has some pretty unforgettable photos, too.


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  2. Love the board!!! I like blue it always pops and usually looks great on everyone.

  3. Love this blog! For the brides to be, I just wanted to share this website with you! These little sleeves are a great idea for any wedding!


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