Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Notes from a Newlywed: The Shoes {Badgley Mischka}

I knew before I even went wedding dress shopping that I didn't want white shoes with my dress. Not only did I not want white, I didn't want anything close to it: no bone, ivory, cream...well, you get the point. Unless you're wearing a short dress, no one even really gets a good look at your shoes other than your photographer, so I really have no valid reason to explain my aversion to white bridal shoes. I've seen lots of brides wear them and they look stunning. But for me, I just wanted a little bit more color.

There were already alot of blue elements in our wedding: the bridesmaids' ceremony saris, their reception dresses, and parts of our paper suite. So I settled on blue shoes. Plus, these would be my "something blue," although I ended up with a few blue things by the time my wedding day rolled around so that wasn't really a hard bridal requirement to fulfill.

I ordered the satin Badgley Mischka Randall pumps from Nordstrom in medium blue. Such pretty shoes! The flower at the peep toe sort of coordinated with the detailing on the bodice of my dress, and for being 4" high they weren't totally uncomfortable. Note for anyone looking to wear Badgley's for their walk down the aisle: they run big, so definitely order a half size or full size down from what you usually wear to avoid any missteps.

All fabulous footwear photos are by Nicole Peterson of Girl Photography...who only threatened to steal my heels on wedding day, but didn't actually follow through with it...!


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