Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Web Belles: Go Fish

1. How ridiculously adorable are these kissing fish cake toppers from Etsy seller indigotwinweddings? I'd love it if they could be transformed into ornaments because I'd totally hang them on my tree.

2. This "fishing in a jar" table number has alot of parts to it, but each of them is simple to find or make. These would be great in a lakeside reception setting, don't you think?

3. Why settle for a regular ol' braid when you can rock a fishtail one instead? I had no idea how to pull this look off, but these step by step instructions from A Beautiful Mess make it seem like a cinch. You can even add in some color by braiding in a few pieces of string or yarn. Sometimes a simple 'do is what you crave to compliment a certain dress (yes, even a wedding one), so keep this style in mind for future use.

4. This DIY from Green Wedding Shoes shows you how to turn a large swatch of fabric into a shoe embellishment with just fishing line and a few nifty folds and tucks.

5. It's an orange explosion in this bag, pulled together and shot by fellow Philadelphia area pros Two Paperdolls, Styled Creative, and Laura Novak Photography, for young wedding guests. Of course the goldfish crackers are a personal fave.


  1. Love those DIY shoes, especially the colour!

  2. Love the fish tail braid with yarn. I just recently did that to my was cute!

  3. even though i am afraid of fish, these ideas are so cute :)


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