Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eyes on the Bride: Cris S. {Part 2}

Guess who's back...back again...Cris is back...tell a that our Wednesday morning song break is over, it's time to turn it over one more time so Cris can walk us through her 2012 Texas wedding. Remember that these are just some of the details, as Cris already gave us the lowdown on her first round of nuptials last week. And to get even more Cris whenever you want, don't forget to check out Kiss My Tulle. Okay, here we go...

Wedding Location – Our home in the Texas Hill Country (check out how we’re remodeling it for The Big Day:

Images Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty, Hi Fi Weddings, Inspired By This, Martha Stewart Weddings, Unknown, and Style My Pretty

Wedding colors/theme – Upscale Picnic (like the kind that my grandma used to host in her gorgeous backyard during the summer) and lots of blues, greens, reds, and pinks.

Bridesmaids' dresses info – I’m letting them pick any dress they want as long as it’s a jewel blue color. They LOVE this and have already shown me several options. (I think they’re excited to pick something from their closet or find a dress that they’ll actually wear again).

Best part of planning – Seeing amazing ideas from other weddings and trying to figure out how to do them cheaper and/or with my own spin on the idea.

Worst part of planning – Trying to nail down the guest list – this sucks to a spectacular degree.

Most surprising part of planning – How many people try to get you to use their vendor/friend/services. I’m still trying to figure out a tactful way to say no. (Funny story, one woman was SO insistent that I use her cake lady – even though she had no clue what style of cake I wanted, how much my budget was, or that I had already booked a cake vendor. Sheesh!)

Favorite vendor so far – My photographer, Miranda Laine Photography. The photography was SO important me that I used a whopping 1/3 of my budget toward it and booked her within weeks of getting married. Miranda is everything I was hoping for in a photographer and was SO amazing during the interview process that I just knew she was the vendor for me (you can read more about how I chose my photographer here.

Any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) plans – Lots! I’m blessed to have come from a very hands-on, crafty family, so I’m planning on making tons of the d├ęcor for my wedding. (I’m also really lucky and my best friend/matron of honor lives close by and loves helping out with this kind of stuff). So far I’ve planned: a fabric/flower streamer thing for the ceremony alter, pallet tables for the reception, tree stump benches for the ceremony seating, the ring pillow, a quilt for the DIY photobooth backdrop, some costume bits for a kid’s costume box, the flower girl dresses, possibly the junior bridesmaid dresses, all of my invitations (and assorted paper goods), and on and on….

Images Courtesy of: From The Kitchen of Olivia, Elizabeth Ann Designs, Oh Happy Day, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Martha Stewart

Honeymoon Location – We’re toying with going to the United Kingdom (The Boy was stationed there in the mid-80’s and wasn’t allowed to go to Ireland then + he loved it and wants to go back for a visit), Greece (we can score a killer deal on an apartment right on the beach [thank you, assorted military/veterans vacation clubs]), or New Orleans (if we’re low on fundage – we’d love to support tourism there after everything they’ve been through in last few years).

*all other images provided by Cris


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