Friday, November 11, 2011

Two Web Belles: Lace 'Em Up

1. Black lace might not be a bride's first choice for her wedding day look, but it definitely made an appearance at Bridal Market this season. Carolina Herrera showed an embroidered black lace gown with an organic design, while Vera Wang wowed with this nude ballgown with a black hand-pieced lace applique overlay.

2. Isn't this just genius? By using a piece of lace as a quick stencil, you can achieve a great cupcake decoration in just seconds. Thanks Sweet Verbena for showing us how.

3. This wide lace headpiece from Elisabet G (first spotted on Cap Classique) takes a traditional lace veil and meshes it with a more modern headband for a very unique look.

4. The little pieces of lace that are peeking out from behind the burlap flags in this pennant banner were made from a valance the couple found on the cheap at a garage sale. If you have a DIY project in mind for your wedding, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for materials and deals everywhere you go, because you never know where you'll score the perfect find.

5. Gather up all of your lace scraps (...or go out and buy some) and head over to Dos Family to see how you can turn them into this cute lace lantern. The directions call to make it a functioning lamp with a lightbulb. Seems ambitious. I think hanging these around a wedding reception instead of paper lanterns would look phenomenal and be even easier to do, especially with battery powered flames popped inside for when the sun goes down.


  1. those cupcakes are awesome and i love that headpiece

  2. Love the black wedding dresses ... just not sure I would wear one!
    Lexi xx
    Glitter Weddings


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