Friday, November 4, 2011

Two Web Belles: Hasta La Pasta

1. When I saw these farfalle earrings from Dolce & Gabbana on Honestly WTF, I thought they were so cleverly done. The only thing better than the originals are dangly pasta baubles you can make yourself following the DIY instructions on the site.

2. After you're done eating all that sauce with your pasta, clean out your jars and use them for either one of these DIY projects: painted Moroccan lanterns from matsutake or Silhouette silverware jars from eighteen25. Both would be great additions to any outdoor party.

3. I kind of want to buy all of this jewelry from Miss Bibi and walk around each day with a different piece of pasta accenting my outfit. Too much? The penne pendant is my absolute favorite, but I also like the penne and farfalle combo cufflinks for the guys, too.

4. How have I lived 28 years without knowing that dried spaghetti can double as a matchstick in a pinch? This one will be especially handy when I'm trying to light those hard to reach wicks.

5. Setting a table and need something extra in your centerpiece display? How about some dried pasta to fill in the empty space?


  1. Giada has nothing on you.


  2. This is awesome - love those silverware jars. And seriously how did I not know that pasta = matchstick? genious!

  3. These are some really cute ideas! I've been doing a lot of organizing around the house lately and every jar I find I set it aside because I'm going to FIND something clever like this to do with them. Love the inspiration!

  4. Dried pasta as a vase filler - BRILLIANT!

  5. Def love the noodles as part of the centerpiece


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