Saturday, November 5, 2011

By The Way: Holiday Mail

I was feeling ultra organized and full of holiday cheer so I put together a little card exchange with some of my blogger friends (see that little blue TWIPS badge over on the right?) this year. Yesterday I went to my favorite local spot for picking out cards and paper, Paper on Pine, and am now ready to get cracking on my handmade cards. Don't worry, any friends and family reading this...I went ahead and bought cards to give to you so you won't be subjected to whatever crafty concoction I create.

Thinking about the upcoming holiday mail rush, have you all checked out the holiday stamps at the post office yet? I picked up a book of these ornament lovelies and think they're definitely going to be a fun addition to my mailings this year.

And just in case you missed it, this week on TWB we looked inside superstore MUJI, had a Southern Weddings spotting, and finished things off with some pasta inspiration (al dente) yesterday. Hope everyone has fun weekend plans ahead!

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