Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Notes From a Newlywed: Sarah T.

I've been dying to have Sarah visit us again here at TWB pretty much from the moment she first told us all about her wedding plans. The big day has come and gone and Sarah is back to give us her take on things with a newlywed point of view. And see all that prettiness sprinkled throughout today's post? That's the handiwork of Sarah's photographer, Lang Thomas. He pretty much rocked it, huh? Alright Sarah...take it away!

The first thing you did when you woke up on wedding day -- I woke up before everyone else (nerves and excitement!) and starting cutting fruit for our brunch. So not glamorous but it's true. I couldn't sit still! I also texted my groom :-)

Now that the cat's outta the bag, give us the scoop on YOUR dress -- Well, my dress was actually the second dress I purchased. After waiting 4 months to get my first one I had MAJOR buyers remorse and ended up with a second dress that I bought off the rack for 1/4 of the price of the original. Never thought I would have done that but SO happy I did. My dress was mermaid style, a slight fit and flare, made of a gorgeous ivory satin. We had it altered until it fit like a glove and the ruched bodice and rosette detail where the dress flared was just perfection. I was so excited to wear it and Michael loved it. {PS. We sold my first one on within 6 days of posting! I was thrilled!}

DIY project you're most proud of --
All of the mason jars wrapped in lace. We made 100 something and it took forever but the effect of the candlelight through the lace was just beautiful and exactly what I hoped it to be. It really pulled together that English Garden look I was going for.

Favorite ceremony memory -- (I'll say a pre-ceremony thing) Michael and I decided to take our wedding photos prior to the ceremony. I debated it because I had always imagined seeing my groom for the first time as I walk down the aisle, but for timing's sake we decided go ahead and do it before. We arranged to have the "first look" photos in a small private courtyard at the church. We were both so nervous to see each other, but the moment when he turned around and saw me was so very precious. He immediately started crying, which I didn't quite expect but it made the moment so beautiful. I'm so glad we were able to have that private moment together before all the craziness of the day caught up with us. I think it's harder to be emotional when all eyes are on you and I will cherish that memory forever.

Favorite reception memory --
Michael has a brother with down syndrome and he had been SO excited to be a part of the wedding. After we had finished all of our "first dance" songs and the DJ was about to open the floor up for everyone to dance, his brother pulled him out there and the two of them just jumped and spun around and danced. I was laughing so hard I cried. They were just having the best time and, to me, it was just so "them." I loved it! And so did everyone else. It definitely got the party started!

Your first dance song --
"Stay with You" by John Legend

Share any "oops" moments from the day, if there were any --
During the ceremony when it came time for exchanging the rings, the Minister handed Michael his ring to put on my finger. Michael paused for a second and looked slightly panicked before he handed it back and said he had the wrong ring. Other than that the day was pretty smooth, plus the hiccup made us smile.

Favorite photo of the two of you, and why you like it -- Seriously, I don't think I can choose one! I have a different favorite all the time but it may be the one of us when my head is on his shoulder. I often do that and it just looks and feels like "us."

Favorite group photo, and why you like it --
The one of all of us on and around the couch - it's so goofy and shows everyone's personalities a little bit. A bridesmaid is jokingly punching the maid of honor, the groomsmen looking like they aren't quite sure what to do, it just makes me smile.

One piece of advice you'd give to brides-to-be --
Everyone talked about how calm I was on the day of. I honestly can't believe I was as calm as I was, but I'm so glad I just relaxed and let everything happen. The day is such a blur and I didn't want my nerves and the chaos to ruin anything, so I just tried to take any bumps in stride and just sit back and enjoy it. You only get married once, take a deep breath and soak everything in instead of anxiously worrying about the details. Your months of planning will come together and your army of friends and family are there to worry about any details for you. No freaking out during photos, no crying if it rains, and no stressing over whether or not all the groomsmen made it to the church on time. "Keep calm and carry on" and enjoy every second!

Congrats Sarah on pulling off a beautiful wedding! And, way to make a stellar choice in bridal footwear...but I've always known you were a fashionista all along.


  1. I love the wedding place. It's perfect for the couple.

  2. Beautiful job, Sarah! I love your lacy mason jars!

  3. Gorge wedding! I love the last pic too! Miniature wedding :)

  4. the bride is so pretty! love the mason jars with lace.

  5. The wedding was as beautiful as the bride!!


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