Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Web Belles: Buy Me A Coke

1. What can you make with a few hundred soda bottles, some paint, and a whole lot of time? This awesome photo booth background/ceremony backdrop, that's what. The bottom of each bottle was cut into the shape of a simple flower, and when overlapping others in different colors...the result is just really remarkable.

2. This Belle isn't a fan of the ol' root beer float, but if you substitute in another kind of soda then I'm all about some floaty action. Things to love about what this couple did for their guests: 1. they posted a cool old-timey sign and 2. they gave out personalized mugs as favors. You can see why the mug pictured is empty...the drinks were clearly a crowd favorite.

3. This bridal shower idea takes with the phrase "he popped the question" and runs away to the retro-inspired hills with it. There's soda pop, if that's what you happen to call it (no judgement here...but we call it just plain old soda), oozing out of every corner of this party set-up. The bottle cap signs and the always fun red and light aqua color combo are the details that stood out for us.

4. Slender soda bottles can make for simple bud vases. The faded Pepsi logo on these works well with the outdoor setting and the farmhouse table, don't you think?

5. Before you drop those soda cans into the recycling bin (don't even say they were trash-bound...), think about turning them into this cute tea light holder. The instructions are surprisingly simple and we're loving all the different color combos you could score just from cruising the grocery aisle.


  1. Great round up! :) Thanks for sharing these!

  2. What creative ideas! I especially love the rootbeer floats, that would be such a fantastic treat at a wedding!


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