Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Web Belles: Lend A Helping Hand

1. Your guests will know that you and your new Mr. are #1 if you pass out huge foam hands as favors. These were customized for a Texas wedding, where the couple still wanted to hand out some Tennessee Orange.

2. Hand-dyed coffee filters are packed tightly together to create a full and fluffy wreath. Any guesses as to how many are actually in there? Maybe Etsy seller fallowfieldfarm could enlighten us all.

3. Colorful handprints bedeck this couple's chuppah. It would take some planning ahead of time, and a few bottles of paint, but having your friends and family imprint their hands in a decor element is a surefire way to make everyone feel involved come wedding time.

4. You can say 'I Love You' with your voice, but you can also say it with your hands...and even with your cupcakes. The now somewhat widely understood sign language sign for the phrase is turned into a cupcake topper in parkersflourpatch's Etsy shop.

5. These hand fans feature a small caricature of each of the wedding party members on one side. Not only are these really cute, but the fans will also help those guests who aren't familiar with all the important players feel a bit more in-the-know.


  1. love the hand fans idea! I would spend the wedding drawing thought and dialogue bubbles over their heads :)

  2. I love the coffee filter wreath. What a really cool idea!

  3. Super cute ideas! Love the handprint chuppah.

  4. The hand fans are really a cute idea! Especially for a Texas or southern wedding that tends to be on the hotter side. Very cute! It also works well as a party favor.


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