Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Notes From a Newlywed: Hair & Makeup {Daneene Jensen}

Yes, I booked my hair and makeup, complete with a trial appointment, a full ten months before my wedding date. I know alot of brides don't book this vendor until much closer to the wedding, but I'm just crazy like that.

There were quite a few heads to beautify - me plus nine bridesmaids - so I wanted to be sure that someone would be available to come to us in the hotel suite. Herding everyone to a salon the morning of the wedding just didn't sound like a good time to me, and we had so much fun hanging out in a suite at Erin's wedding that I knew this was the way to go. And since the wedding was on a Sunday, many of the nearby salons wouldn't even be open that day, anyway.

Enter Daneene Jensen, one of my favorite finds from planning this shindig. She is laid back, funny, and works to make sure that your final look is exactly what you asked for. I didn't have a crazy bridal updo in mind, and didn't want heavy makeup...and Daneene worked her magic and had me looking just like I wanted on my wedding day. Her and another of her stylists also get bonus points for arriving early and finishing slightly ahead of schedule. They jumped right into the giddy excitement/controlled chaos of all of us getting ready and were true pros.

Hopefully the below photos (again from Nicole Peterson of Girl Photography) convey just a little bit of the great work that Daneene did for us.


  1. Hair and makeup is SO important to a bride feeling and looking great on her wedding day! It's good to prepare ahead of time, for sure! ;)

  2. Wedding hair is so pretty. I wish that my hair could stay like that all the time.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Beautiful job - very subtle and elegant!

  4. Gorgeous! Hair is SO important and I agree you should plan for it WAY in advance!

  5. Stunning! I actually HATED my hair on my wedding day even though I had done a trial so close beforehand. Ah well right? I love the saris the girls are wearing though. I just did an Indian wedding two weekends ago and it was beautiful! xo

  6. Definitely good to be prepared! Hair looks great!


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