Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spotted: An UP Wedding by Tami Melissa Photography

Remember the other day when I promised even more UP-inspired loveliness from Tami Melissa Photography? Well, here you have it. Crista and Kevin were not only influenced by the movie when posing for their engagement photos, but they also inserted some elements from the film into their wedding day, too.

Side note: the couple had their reception at Moshulu, which is a pirate ship that sits docked on the Delaware River in Philly. If you ever want to check it out outside of holding an event there, you can just grab a bite to eat there.

A big walloping thank you has to go out to Tami Melissa for so generously sharing all of these photos with us this week here on TWB. Thanks Tami!


  1. aww, i love that last shot of them. so sweet.

  2. What a cool venue! and who doesn't anything with balloons, beautiful

  3. Balloons at a wedding! FUN!

  4. I love the balloons. A beautiful wedding :)

  5. Nice Pics :) I have really enjoyed your interesting post. Great Job !!!


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