Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spotted: An UP E-Session by Tami Melissa Photography

TWB confession: I've never watched the Disney-Pixar movie UP. But clearly I need to check it out because it's one of those movies that I continue to see couples use for inspiration lately, either in choosing props for their engagement sessions or a theme for their wedding. I mean I get it: the bright colors, the balloons, what I'm sure is a heartwarming story...it all surely adds up for those that are fans of the movie and are looking for a little help picking a direction for their wedding day styling.

Well Tami of Tami Melissa Photography introduced us to a couple, Crista and Kevin, who incorporated the movie into both their engagement photos and their wedding. So today is part one of the UP extravaganza, with much more coming your way later in the week. Don't you just love Tami for sending along so much goodness that it had to be broken into two posts??


  1. Loving the balloons. SO celebratory feeling.

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  2. oooh this just makes me feel all happy inside! :)

  3. too cute!! I love these photos almost as much as I love the movie :)

  4. I just watched UP for the first time a few nights ago - so romantic!! I love the cheerful balloons and the mailbox in this shoot!

  5. What kind of font did you use on the mailbox?


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