Friday, July 1, 2011

Two Web Belles: Let's Get Sandy

1. We used to think that centerpieces using colored sand could never quite look sophisticated enough. But then we saw this sunny tablescape from Pacific Weddings, and now...we're believers.

2. This dessert table from Martha uses the colors of the sand as its base, and adds in complimentary neutrals from there. Let this serve as a reminder that a candy or dessert table doesn't have to filled with bright colors to make an impact.

3. How can we choose what we love the most about this yummy creation showcased on Brides? The mousse in the martini glass is totally slurp-worthy. The sunburst cookie is a cheerful treat. And the shortbread "sand" in the mini bucket is just the quirky piece that pulls the entire dessert together.

4. When you're looking for an easy boost to your party decor, don't rule out the effect that a banner or string of pennants can have. We like how this one, from Etsy seller MyNoisyBoys, uses positive and negative images of sand dollars in subtle tones.

5. Fill jars with sand and cap off with pretty swatches of fabric. Apply number decals. Voila! You've got yourself table numbers.

1 comment:

  1. All this beautiful decor is making me want to head to the beach!! Happy Weekend!


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