Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I've Learned While Planning: It's (Almost) Wedding Time

I started writing these posts back in July, when we still had a solid ten months of planning in front of us. Now, with the wedding less than a week away, I have my last installment of "Things I've Learned While Planning." It's so long to the checklists, meetings, and emails that I've had to manage for my own wedding, sometimes begrudgingly, and it's back to solely to work on these same things for other brides' weddings...which to me, is much more fun!

So, here we go: "Things I've Learned While Planning: It's (Almost) Wedding Time."

1. Airport Customs is like the weather - you can't plan for it and you have no control over it.

2. This wedding is the only thing that will make my older brother break his unwavering devotion to shoes that entirely cover his feet. Flip flops, here we come!

3. Being too lazy to throw out cardboard boxes from random wedding-related packages received in the mail proved beneficial for future re-packing of items to be moved to the venue.

4. It must've been impossible to sift through ceremony and reception music options before YouTube.

5. If a guy doesn't wear rings before his wedding band (check), and he has no idea what his ring size is (check), it makes it much more difficult to ensure that the wedding band he gets sized for is the one that will actually fit his finger (check check).

6. It took just over 27-1/2 years...but I actually grew tired of going to the mall. Gasp!

7. I am totally fine with never running a dishwasher full of vases ever again.

8. When going to Target right at opening time on a Saturday, it's a bizarre yet pleasant experience. No lines. The aisles are easily navigated. And it's actually...quiet.

Thanks again to all of you who have been reading, commenting on, and tweeting about these posts. See you on the post-wedding side!


  1. Can't believe the big day is almost here!!!


  2. Amen sista, AMEN! t-minus 2 days!

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