Friday, April 22, 2011

Two Web Belles: The (Not So White) Stripes

1. We've seen these striped twist ties on Etsy before, but this is the first project that showed us something cool to do with them besides just...well, twist them. The ladies of Nice Package thought up a way to turn them into pom pom gift toppers and this one couldn't be more simple. Bonus: there's a video how-to on their site, too.

2. We love this photo wall because the thick black and white stripes play so well off of the delicate gold frame. Plus, this set-up gives you new photo inspiration with the framed section cut out of the wall in lieu of just holding one up yourself in a backdrop-style photo booth. Now the question is...who's ready for a pose-off?

3. Leave it to Martha to give you a how-to on molding strips of colored wax to
create your very own striped candle. Who else would think of this stuff?

4. Striped cookie goodness up ahead. Have you ever seen black and white stripes look this yummy? Piled on a pedestal, stacked on a could do alot with this presentation.

5. Here we have sassy stripes that can take you from day (bridal shower) to night (rehearsal dinner), and everything is in a perfect spring/summer shade. Sources: top, middle, bottom.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am so glad to have found yours now, I am a new follower :) I love that yellow dress!!! Seriously on my "to buy" list!!

    p.s. The texture of the purse is fabulous. Little bit of rustic is so pretty I think :)



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