Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things I've Learned While Planning: One Month To Go

On one hand it's hard to believe. On the other, it seems like it's been a long time coming. That's right. My year long walk in a bride-to-be's shoes is shortly coming to an end. Here we are with our penultimate installment of the Things I've Learned While Planning series. Aaaaand we're off.

1. A pair of suit pants can be "lost" in the very box in which they were delivered, and not be "found" until several weeks later even though they never left that same box.

2. Going for milkshakes after a successful coordination meeting with our officiant was the best and worst idea all rolled into one.

3. Philadelphia's City Hall, while having a mixed bag of employees in the marriage license office, is seriously lacking its own Leslie Knope.

4. There is a serious battle going on between my sister/maid of honor and our DJ for the title of "Most Excited For An All-Vegetarian Reception." Post-wedding results to follow.

5. The USPS has finally burned me with their recent penny increase on postcard postage. (But thanks to the postal service for still delivering my now-under stamped RSVP responses...at least for the time being.)

6. My seamstress is 1000 times more concerned with me ending up topless in my dress at some point during the reception than I am. Hopefully this doesn't become an item in the future post entitled "Things I Wish I Knew Before The Wedding."

7. Numbering the RSVP's was the best decision I have made to date. I was going back and forth on this one. I didn't know if I was being overly OCD. But the minute I got a blank postcard back...I knew I had made the right call.

8. Tastykakes do not have the same endless shelf life as Twinkies. If I was a Philly native, I would've already known this one.

Alright TWB faithful...only one more of these left now. Thanks, as always, for reading along!


  1. Add your wedding coordinator to your list of "most excited for an all-vegetarian reception" - no, really.

  2. Will do Danielle! Can't wait to see you next month :)

  3. Stamps are getting ridiculous! I feel like price increases are getting more often than before. Or maybe since I'm using stamps more in my life now I notice! Either way I don't like it! One month! Whoo hoo! It is going to fly by so fast!

  4. Ok if you are using POB for your alterations my seamstress had the same obsession. But it was a big concern for me day of since i loss so much weight and was floating in my dress. Yikes

  5. Yes, POB aka Biggest Loser - feel like I am gonna be asked to weigh in on a big scale at every appointment haha.

  6. Who sent a blank RSVP? Probably someone we know!

  7. Haha! I love the USPS comment! I think this one got a lot of people fired up!
    Great blog!

  8. Thanks Allie - love your blog, too!

  9. How long has DJ Kool been a vegetarian? And is he playing "Bust a Move?" Otherwise, we are rumbling! LOVED your #1 thing you learned this time around. Oh, youngest brothers....so completely clueless. And any post with Amy is a winner.



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