Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're Fans: Bridesmaids by Melissa Sweet

I remember the moment I fell in love with Melissa Sweet's bridesmaid dresses. It was a few years ago when Erin and I were visiting Bella Bridesmaid in Baltimore on official TWB business. By official I mean I'd previously met the owner and she had agreed to show us her inventory and let us browse through the racks. (If there is anyone in the Charm City area looking for a warm and friendly dress shopping experience, stop by Bella and Tammy and her staff will take great care of you. Trust me.)

That day, we both saw a MS frock in the window that literally stopped us in our tracks. It just had perfection written all over it: a classic cocktail length, a high neckline that gathered around the neck to show off your shoulders with a rosette detail on one side, in a totally flattering slate grey/blue chiffon.

Over the years, I've paid close attention to what Melissa Sweet is doing with its bridesmaid looks and have been in a constant state of "Yes, please!" They consistently offer a mix of cocktail and formal looks in colors that you *actually* want to wear. The dresses don't always shout "bridesmaid," which to me is a good thing. Yet they pick up a lot of the details found in MS's bridal line - flowers, pleats, ruffles - so they definitely compliment a bride's wedding day look.

Whenever a friend asks me for a bridesmaid designer recommendation, Melissa Sweet is always the first one out of my mouth.

Clearly we're fans of what Melissa Sweet is doing with bridesmaids looks...are you? What are your fave bridesmaid dresses out right now?

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