Friday, January 7, 2011

Two Web Belles: Rainbow Bright

1. Egg cartons, yes, egg cartons serve as the base for this DIY. The next time you're ready to trash a carton after you've whipped up some scrammies, think a second about the fun little centerpiece you could make with it instead.

2. This tablescape goes to show that you don't need huge arrangements in the middle of your table to make an impact. Here multi-colored blooms in bright vases are arranged in a simple line, and it makes us long to pull up a chair for this meal.

3. These Inntrax pencils, which look like they were freshly whittled from a forest of psychedelic trees, make us long for the days of coloring books. Sigh. We say that ditching the standard pens and having these next to your guest book would be a cute childhood throwback, one that the kiddies and the grown-ups will like just the same.

4. The following napkin rings came out of an Easter inspiration piece, but we don't think you have to use this DIY strictly in the spring. We love the look of the jelly bean "beads" against the plates and linens, and the color combos are pretty much endless. As long as you don't eat the supplies first, of course.

5. Eating more fruits and veggies is a cinch when you have a display like this to nibble from. Just look at the rainbow of colors you can display, using nothing but the produce aisle as your supply arsenal.

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