Friday, December 3, 2010

Two Web Belles: Evergreen

1. A cluster of mini evergreen trees could provide a perfect seasonal punch on anyone's winter table. Here, Country Living nestled the trees among apples to naturally create a Christmas theme. If you want less Kris Kringle and more rustic winter, you could gather pine cones or branches and use those to fill a large container before you place your trees inside. And look to use ribbon or fabric remnants to jazz up an otherwise uninteresting bowl or bucket.

2. On the surface, these wood gift tags from Etsy's ravennagirls are just gift tags. But you know how much we love to multi-purpose here at TWB, so we starting thinking of how else to use these. Wouldn't these be perfect as napkin rings or even sprinkled on guest tables instead of the often-used flower petals?

3. We've been digging pinecone crafts since that peanut butter bird feeder project in our elementary school days. The projects below are a little more sophisticated. We think they're perfect for a winter wedding.

4. This tablescape is super budget friendly because it's completely NFR (No Florist Required). Line up your pretties vases, gather some greenery and branches, and pop in a few pinecones. The variations in height, texture, and color keep it interesting.

5. This couple honored a European wedding tradition where the new bride and groom plant a tree after the ceremony as a symbol of their relationship. Neither one of us has much of a green thumb, but we like the idea of a wedding day reminder right there in the backyard.


  1. I love this tradition of planting a tree at your wedding. So eco friendly!

  2. Margaret, we love it too :) Thanks for reading!


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