Friday, November 26, 2010

Two Web Belles: Leftovers

1. In the off chance you didn't get your fill of cranberry sauce yesterday, then feel free to indulge in this shoot by Becca Dilley. This was set up as a fashion shoot, not a trash-the-dress, but we could definitely see this location being used for the latter. The dark storm clouds and the model floating in the bog were the standouts to us, but stop by Becca's blog to see more from this shoot and more of her other top notch work.

2. Jordan almonds, stay right where you are. Using trail mix as a wedding favor allows your guests to mix together only the ingredients they like, for a treat they're sure to enjoy on the way home. You can draw attention to the 'make-your-own' table with a handmade sign and design custom labels or bags to fill with the mix, too. credits: top, middle, bottom.

3. We absolutely loved the unique look of this bouquet from Etsy seller whichgoose. Here every leaf and flower is created by stringing tiny glass beads onto wire, which is then sculpted into shape. We were already liking the handmade charm of this piece, but then the vintage lace wrap around the "stems" just sold us even more.


  1. The photos of the bride in the cranberry bog are so beautiful and surreal. Being a New England girl (and close to Cape Cod where there are many cranberry bogs)I really love and identify with these photos.
    And the beaded flowers are unreal. Gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for reading Delilah, and so happy you liked the photos in this post!


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