Friday, November 12, 2010

Two Web Belles: Fruitful

1.  Oranges, lemons, and limes introduce a naturally bright color palette and interesting flavor profile to wedding goodies like cakes and cupcakes. Orange, yellow, and green together form quite the formidable color combination, so look to pull inspiration from one of these or another when thinking of your decor. Unless your theme is Tropical Chiquita Banana. Ooh, we wonder what we could do with bananas.....? (sources: top, middle, bottom)

2.  Don't forget to look right in the produce aisle when looking for pieces to incorporate into your tablescape. We really like the deep, rich colors that different berries provide, like in the photos below. You can totally get creative here, either using the berries as vase filler or using them sculpturally to build up the height of your centerpiece. (sources: top, middle, bottom)

3.  It's good to remember that you can do the fruit thing without going all Rainbow Brite, too. These white apples and pears with black stamped love-inspired words on them are understated, but their plushness brings a warmth that would make a welcome addition to any table. Etsy seller La Pomme has a variety to choose from so you could mix and match and really play with the words, too.

4.  It's no secret we're all about edible favors.  These fruit cups formed from cookies make for an especially sweet finish.  We like the tray with a variety of options for a smaller gathering - an intimate wedding or shower.  For an event with a larger gues list, a more uniform look will really make an impact, so pick your favorite and run with it.  Since these little goodies are Martha's dreamchild, of course there are handy DIY instructions if you feel so inclined.  

5.  Florists are a creative bunch.  John and Bennette over at Weddings@Work challenged a group of several florists to create bridal bouquets with fruits and vegetables.  It's interesting to see how produce can have so many interpretations - a rustic bunch of apples, romantic black cherries and succulents, and an understated and decidedly modern arrangement of mostly cabbage and strawberries.  We've handpicked our favorites to share with you, but the rest of the creations can be found here.    


  1. Very creative offerings. I especially like the bridal bouquets that can be nibbled on while you wait to walk down the aisle. Add some chocolate and I'd be all set.

    - Liz Lemon


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