Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Movies We Love: Sixteen Candles

Okay, so it's no secret that in this 1984 movie gem, alot is going on besides a wedding. You have enough teen shenanigans (The Geek proudly displaying the underwear in the boys' bathroom!) and coming of age storylines (that Jake Ryan just makes Samantha swoon!) to almost make you forget that the older sister's wedding is a central piece to the backstory. But without it...Sam's family wouldn't have been so busy as to overlook the importance of her 16th birthday, Long Duk Dong would never have come to visit with the grandparents who are staying at the family's house in preparation for the big day, Molly Ringwald never would've donned that baby's breath bridesmaid halo, and we wouldn't have the NEVER TAKE MUSCLE RELAXERS ON YOUR WEDDING DAY lesson forever ingrained into our brains. Yup, this one is a classic for so many reasons, cheesy '80s wedding or not.

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