Friday, September 10, 2010

Two Web Belles: We Don't Hate It

1. If you're tired of the same old photo-matted frame look for your favorite photos, pop on over to Fracture - a website that lets you turn your prints into glass-mounted pieces of art. The site lets you choose from a few different sizes and shapes (landscape, portrait, square), all of which are completely wallet-friendly. Fracture's sleek and modern finished product would totally make a special engagement pic or shot from your wedding shine while on display in your home. Special shout out to the lovely papery & cakery blog for being the first ones to show us what Fracture has to offer.

2. Festive bunting has been strung up in backyards and under tents on all the wedding blogs lately. But we like the smaller pennants/flags, too, and all of their practical uses: (cup)cake decoration, personalized drink stirrers, or centerpiece fillers. And that's just what we're showing you below. These could even be used as a motif in a paper suite, and we wouldn't hate it.

credit: left, middle, right

3. This suspended centerpiece takes white on white to a whole new level, literally. The installment is visually striking, completely original, and doesn't interrupt table conversation. It seems like every time we think there's only so many ways you can reinvent the wheel with floral arrangements we come across something like this and have to change our minds. Via Bridal Snob.

4. Stacy London's appearance at Hitched Salon on Monday September 13th totally brings us back to her cameo on Say Yes to the Dress a few seasons back. Sure she's there as part of the team promoting Style for Hire, but we like to think she'll be doling out her tough-love fashion advice to a few unsuspecting brides in the salon.

5. A weddings is serious business, what with the lifelong commitment and all, but we love when couples are able to maintain a sense of humor about their big day. When we spotted these details on Always a Blogsmaid, we had a nice chuckle. Who says tradition has to be boring?

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